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Re: The Norbern News (Club Magazine)

The Committee have asked me to let you know that they are trying to promote a new initiative for our Club Magazine, which is hoped will start to reflect more of an emphasis towards our Members and their Dogs, as it is being transformed into a Newsletter for the Club.

Obviously, to achieve this we need more help/input from our membership as a whole, to try and correlate any related anecdotes and stories about your own dogs, be it: 
at home/on holiday, Dog Carting, Showing your BMD’s, or health issues you may have personally encountered in the breed.

We would really appreciate your help in this matter. 

Articles and photo’s can be sent direct by Email to either
Marian Scott 
Chris Jeffries
myself, Ian Parkinson 

or by post, using the clubs latest “Members Address Book” as a point of reference.

We hope you will participate in trying to make this a great success and look forward to hearing from you.

	Many thanks, Ian Parkinson 
(Webmaster, on behalf of the NBMDC Committee)
Text Box: Re: 2018 Northern Bernese Championship Show

At present we are in a position to offer 2 Steward Places for the Dogs (Morning Session) at the  above Championship Show on Sunday, 25th March 2018.
If you feel you would like to gain experience, or are already experienced and would like to offer your services please contact :

Miss Marian Scott 

via Email:
or Telephone: 0191 410 3093 
to contact her at the earliest opportunity

Thank you Ian Parkinson, on behalf of the NBMDC Committee